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Dr. Walter Rosenbaum  

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Dr. Walter Rosenbaum, from 1996 though his retirement in 2012, has consulted for Siemens AG Infrastructure Logistics, Konstanz, Germany, directing their Innovation and New Business Opportunities area for Postal Automation, and Airport Logistics

His career started in IBM where he invented Spell-Check filing the initial patents in 1974. Spell-Check went on to become one of the best known word process tools in the industry.

While in IBM he received multiple Outstanding Contribution Awards between 1983 and 1996 for innovative business creation and license revenue contribution to IBM’s patent portfolio based on his over 50 patents issued during this time. During this period Dr. Rosenbaum advised corporate management on new business strategy leading to the creation of a worldwide linguistic product center in Bethesda Maryland and an EMEA Postal Solution Center in Paris.

Dr. Rosenbaum was also nominated for IBM Fellow shortly before joining Siemens AG in his present capacity.

Dr. Rosenbaum is noted in Siemens and IBM for driving new business development, revenue enhancement and creation of solution driven strategies for customers to achieve competitive advantage in established markets.

With the contractual permission of Siemens AG, Dr. Rosenbaum has also headed his own development company, Image Automation Ltd (documents available upon request) whereby he has obtained patent protection for innovations in
non-competing business areas such as:

  • Mobile Phone Speech Driven Merchandise Locator
  • Carbon Dioxide Sequestering
  • Privacy Compliant Pay How You Drive (PHYD) Vehicle Monitoring   
  • Dynamic Electrical Energy Storage
  • Bar Code Fraud Detection

to name several of the most recent filings.  

In total Dr. Rosenbaum has filed and been issued well over 120 patents of which at least half have become revenue producing in the areas of:

Word Processing Linguistics: Spell-Check, Automatic Hyphenation, Online Thesaurus, Grammar Checking

Postal Automation: Parcel Sorting, Speech Recognition, OCR Reject and Error Recovery, Mail Forwarding,

Baggage Handling: RFID Baggage Reconciliation, Lost Baggage Recovery

Siemens: 1996 – February 2012

Dr. Rosenbaum has led innovative Siemens new business solutions in mail and parcel sorting, electronic commerce and automated baggage handling.

In 2008 Dr. Rosenbaum’s invention of Hybrid Voice Speech Recognition received the Royal Mail Innovation Award and represented Siemens’ entry into a leadership position for industrial environment speech recognition solutions and parcel sorting. Hybrid Voice is operational in the UK and is part of the network rationalizing and automation plans for Australia Post, Swiss Post, TNT Netherlands, Canada Post and most recently a proof of concept has begun with United States Postal Service for the Small Parcel and Bundle Sorter installations.

Dr. Rosenbaum has also developed tools for recognition and semantic handling of non-grammatical speech for keyword identification.  

His invention of Interactive Video Coding has been one of the major cost reducing innovations in recent postal automation and it is now the standard in the industry used in over 15 posts worldwide handling almost one billion mail pieces daily.

Dr. Rosenbaum’s further innovations in postal automation are used in over 20 postal authorities world-wide. His patents in baggage RFID reading technology are currently being examined for future use in several European and Asian airport authorities. 

Overall Dr. Rosenbaum has filed in behalf of Siemens over 50 patents that have resulted in the development of significant new revenue opportunities.   
Nearly half of these innovations have created successful new businesses and value-add product/service offerings.

IBM: 1969 – 1995

From 1968 through 1995 Dr. Rosenbaum was employed by IBM. His activities spanned the invention of Spell-Check which debuted as an IBM Displaywriter industry exclusive in 1977 and became through cross-licenses the industry standard. He continued in IBM to file over 60 patents in word processing and postal technology.

Dr. Rosenbaum was recognized by IBM with three Outstanding Contribution Awards for revenue accrued directly to the business and the corporate patent portfolio.   

1991 – 1995: Director of Postal Solutions IBM Europe
Dr. Rosenbaum was appointed Project Director and then Director of Postal Solutions in IBM Europe Headquarters in Paris. He acted as innovator and development director for successfully moving IBM into a totally new business area of postal automation based on core product innovation.

1988 – 1990: Manager of Office Systems Solutions
Dr. Rosenbaum led a new business area responsible for introducing “programmability” into IBM office systems products.
1981 – 1987: Manager of Advanced Editor Development
Dr. Rosenbaum was responsible for mainframe office products and linguistic writings aids. He drove the development of IBM’s first fully multi-lingual office solution product line. 

1973- 1980: Manager of Advanced Office Systems Technology
During this period Dr. Rosenbaum invented “spell check” and holds 6 related patents. He received 3 IBM Corporate Outstanding Contribution Awards for word processing spelling features and related further innovations.


Dr. Rosenbaum received a PhD from in Engineering from Catholic University School of Engineering, a Masters of Science in Mathematics from New York University and a Bachelors degree in Mathematics from Yeshiva University.

He is the author of a number of journal and conference papers including the UK Institute of Mechanical Engineering (IMECH), IMB Journal of Technology and is a frequent speaker at company and industry forums.


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