the insa team

Samuel Berkovits


20 years M&A experience technology and general in UK and Israel 

Partner KJG London

Dr. Walter Rosenbaum

CTO/ R&D Director/ Founder

30 years Innovation and Advance Solution Sales, including invention of ‘Spellcheck’:
IBM, Siemens

Over 200 patents filed

Michael Rothman

Mobile Telecommunications

11 years of large scale project mobile communications and business development spanning start ups and corporate  telecom.

Expert in mobile communication and cyber defense

Ran Kalif

Hardware/Software Dev./ Integration, Project Manager

15 years Design and Production Experience, Cyber Security, Communication,

Ziv Emmet

Development Manager

10 years System Design and Project Management Experience
Mobile app. development

Dr. Markus Heyerhoff, PhD

Patent Strategy

Senior Partner Heyerhoff & Geiger, Patent Attorneys Überlingen, Germany, 18 years experience